Lord Mayor Clover Moore, Elected 2004

Case Studies

With up to 73% of its residents living in apartments, many of which are towers, Sydney is often referred to as ‘the Vertical City’. These residential buildings account for 10% of the City’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 38% of its water use and 14% of its waste output. City data predicts that half of the population in the state of New South Wales (NSW) will be living in apartments by 2030. In response to this situation, the City launched the Smart Green Apartments (SGA) Programme in 2011 to help apartment owners and managers reduce their energy and water use, minimise waste and cut GHG emissions. The City of Sydney also plans to cut emissions from its apartment sector by 40% by 2030.

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In Focus City Reports: Sydney

February 25, 2015 Sydney

The In Focus city reports provide valuable insight into the efforts of the world's leading cities to become more sustainable. This report has been developed with C40's official reporting partner, CDP Cities, and AECOM, using data submitted through CDP's reporting platform. It conveys information about how Sydney perceives its climate risk, measures key climate change-related data, and manages climate action.

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This public/private partnership between an Australian company Global Renewables and two Sydney Municipal governments, is a highly successful waste recycling model - saving 210,000 of tons CO2 emissions annually and generating $11.6MUSD every year. Using a unique biological digestion and composting process the company is turning methane to energy without incineration, and creating 30,000 tons of certified organic fertilizer for farmlands across the State. This compost is improving the quality of soils for crop-growing, putting back into agricultural land nutrients used by the city. The Eastern Creek facility generates $11USD revenue annually and is expanding globally.

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