Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, Elected 2015

Case Studies

LIFE VIMINE is a European Project which aims to define and implement a novel, integrated approach to landscape management, with the goal of protecting the salt marshes of the inner parts of the Venice lagoon from erosion. A key goal of the project is also to experiment new adaptation strategies to address the rising sea level and erosion, aiming to maintain these important morphologies and to increase the resilience of the lagoon.

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Venice (historical centre) has developed a new strategy to increase and improve the collection of separated waste: the historical centre of Venice receives a hybrid collection (door-to-door collection and self-delivery to a special separate waste collection boat). In contrast, the mainland uses bins which are locked for general waste.

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In Focus City Reports: Venice

February 25, 2015 Venice

The In Focus city reports provide valuable insight into the efforts of the world's leading cities to become more sustainable. This report has been developed with C40's official reporting partner, CDP Cities, and AECOM, using data submitted through CDP's reporting platform. It conveys information about how Venice perceives its climate risk, measures key climate change-related data, and manages climate action.

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In the future, flooding in Venice could be further aggravated by the predicted rise in sea level resulting from climate change. To address this risk, the Mose barriers have been constructed in the City of Venice; these are designed to cope with a rise in the sea level of up to 60 cm, and to be managed flexibly enough to cope with an increase in the frequency of high tides in various ways, depending on the characteristics and scale of the tidal event. The Mose system was conceived to safeguard Venice from high tides/sea level rise and consequent flooding. It consists of mobile barriers able to temporarily separate the lagoon from the sea and protect Venice from both exceptional destructive events as well as more frequent events.

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Venice Integrated Mobility Plan

April 17, 2014 Venice

The case study concerns the Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Venice. The Plan, active since 2008, provides a range of administrative attention that will lead to the gradual reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 35% in the transport sector, improving the livability and air quality of the city itself.

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