C40 Basel Workshop

January 11, 2011 - January 12, 2011 Basel, Switzerland

The C40 Basel Workshop on Sustainable Infrastructure Financing is designed to address the infrastructure financing problems that C40 cities face. Drawing from the knowledge of cities and financial experts, the goal of the Workshop is to develop a “toolbox” of innovative financing solutions that will aid cities in their attempts to build infrastructure projects that are both environmentally sustainable and economically feasible.

The C40 Workshop will form part of the larger event Global Energy Basel – The Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Summit. Global Energy Basel is a multi-stakeholder summit that brings together representatives of city and national governments, infrastructure financiers and investors, technology solution providers, researchers and NGOs to address the big picture of climate change, solve pressing financing problems and create partnerships for sustainable infrastructure development.

For more information, please visit www.globalenergybasel.com