Mayors call for COVID stimulus package to fund a green recovery, create jobs and save lives

New research unveiled today by the C40 Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force shows a green and just recovery could deliver transformative economic, health and emission reduction benefits across the world’s 100 leading cities.

According to the findings, investing COVID-19 recovery funds in climate solutions could: 

  • Create 50 million good, sustainable jobs by 2025; 
  • Prevent 270,000 premature deaths in the next 10 years by tackling air pollution;
  • Save $1️.4 billion in health costs; and
  • More than halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Mayors that make up the Task Force are ’deeply concerned’ that only 3-5% of an estimated US$12-15 trillion in international COVID-19 stimulus is currently committed to green initiatives. By propping up old and polluting economies, the mayors warn a ‘dirty recovery’ will accelerate climate breakdown, endanger public health, cost lives and sacrifice jobs. 

“By ignoring the opportunity to make rapid green stimulus investments, most national governments and global institutions are likely leading us towards catastrophic climate change,” said the Task Force mayors.

By contrast, a green and just recovery based on the principles of a Global Green New Deal would see COVID-19 stimulus and recovery funds channeled towards investments like mass transit, walking and cycling infrastructure and clean energy. 


Read the Task Force's statement