JIUS Case Studies: Policy

Philadelphia Sustainability Plan—Greenworks

January 10, 2013 Philadelphia

In Mayor Michael Nutter's January 2008 inaugural address, he pledged to make Philadelphia the number one green city in America. To make good on his pledge, he created the Mayor's Office of Sustainability early in his first term as mayor. The Mayor's Office of Sustainability spent a year researching municipal sustainability, talking with residents, and drafting Greenworks Philadelphia, the City's comprehensive sustainability plan. Greenworks was released in 2009 and is in its fourth year of implementation.

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Zero Waste Program

December 16, 2012 San Francisco

San Francisco (SF) has a goal of zero waste by 2020. In one key way to achieve this goal, the City implemented a project designed to promote the culture of "Recycling Changes Everything." To help achieve this goal, the project included a number of initiatives to improve recycling rates.

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Energy Service Company (ESCO) Model

December 16, 2012 Philadelphia

The ESCO model was developed to recoup the savings from implementing more energy efficient strategies onto commercial and industrial properties. Broadly, the ESCO model can be especially attractive to those considering structural rehabilitation of existing buildings that also focus on energy efficiency retrofits.

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BVRio: Incentivizing Green Credit Systems

December 16, 2012 Rio de Janeiro

Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro (BVRio) or the Rio de Janeiro Green Exchange is an organization created to develop and operate environmental markets in Brazil. Created in partnership with the State of Rio de Janeiro Secretariat of Environment and the Rio Municipal Finance Secretariat, BVRio aims to become the leading platform for the trading of environmental securities in Brazil.

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