Network Overview

The Green Growth Network aims to support cities in the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

C40 cities are centers of economic growth and innovation, accounting for more than 25 percent of global GDP. By measuring the broader environmental, health and social benefits of climate action, cities can establish the economic rationale to undertake green policies, drive growth and make a significant impact in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks. Supporting sustainable growth and spurring innovation in the technologies that will make this type of growth a reality is a key aim of the C40 Green Growth Network. The Green Growth Network, chaired by the city of Copenhagen, works on strategies to encourage green growth in C40 Cities across all major sectors including infrastructure; energy; transportation; waste and climate change adaptation.

Green Growth Network Focus Areas

The Green Growth Network works to facilitate the transition to the green economy. Cities participating in the network have prioritized three focus areas around which they are actively sharing policies and strategies with one another. The focus areas are:

Making the political case - developing an overview of the socio-economic benefits of climate action and a standard to measure the size and nature of the green economy in cities                                

Working with the private sector - facilitating early engagement between cities and solution providers      

Green Procurement - supporting the greening of procurement policies and developing an inventory of procurement models to enable more effective engagement with the private sector

The Green Growth Network is led by Copenhagen. 

"Participating in the C40 Green Growth Network is bringing tangible benefits to New York City.  During the 2012 and 2013 Green Growth workshops in Copenhagen, meetings with other C40 cities and private sector stakeholders helped us develop and refine plans for the Urban Future Lab, New York City's flagship cleantech facility. This September, we are opening the Danish Cleantech Hub within the Urban Future Lab, a partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry – a connection made as a result of the Green Growth Network and workshop.  By bringing international opportunities and Danish cleantech solutions to New York City, this collaboration will help us solve our climate challenges faster and smarter, and will help US companies tap into Danish knowledge and solutions.  This international dialogue, and indeed the partnership itself, would not have happened without the connections C40 helped make possible."

David Gilford, Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation

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