The newly-launched C40 Mayors Agenda for a Green and Just Recovery outlines bold steps to deliver an equitable and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by C40 mayors around the globe, the specific measures outlined in this agenda focus on creating green jobs, investing in crucial public services, protecting mass transit, supporting essential workers, and giving public spaces back to people and nature.

The Agenda was released by the C40 Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, established at the direction of C40 Chair and Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and chaired by Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala. The Task Force is guided by a Statement of Principles, already endorsed by more than 40 city leaders from around the world.

C40 mayors have collectively identified key actions that are critical to achieving a vision for a green and just recovery – and a future that works for everyone.

C40 mayors will lead in taking action for jobs and an inclusive economy by:

  • Creating new, good green jobs, fast 
  • Supporting and lifting up essential workers 
  • Training and upskilling workers to enable a just transition to an inclusive economy.

C40 mayors will continue to take the lead in acting for resilience and equity, providing fundamental public services for all, that underpin a fair society and strong economy, and that are resilient to future shocks by: 

  • Delivering a safe and resilient post-COVID mass transit system
  • Providing fundamental public services for all such as clean water, food, sanitation and affordable, healthy housing

C40 mayors will lead in taking action for health and well-being – giving public space back to people and nature, reclaiming our streets and guaranteeing clean air to ensure liveable, local communities by:

  • Creating ‘15 minute cities’ where all residents of the city are able to meet most of their needs within a short walk or bicycle ride from their homes
  • Giving streets back to people, by permanently reallocating more road space to walking and cycling, investing in city-wide walking and cycling networks and green infrastructure 
  • Building with nature to prioritise 'nature based solutions' such as parks, green roofs, green walls, blue infrastructure and permeable pavements, to help reduce the risks of extreme heat, drought, and flooding, and improve liveability and physical and mental health

C40 mayors, alongside a global coalition of businesses, civil society organisations, climate activists and residents, are already building a green and just recovery. Their agenda calls on national and regional governments, central banks and international financial institutions to join them, by:

  • Agreeing that the only stimulus should be a green stimulus.
  • Committing to an equitable and inclusive recovery.
  • Protecting and championing mass transit.
  • Prioritising and investing in clean energy.
  • Investing in resilient cities as the engines of the recovery.
  • Ending all public fossil fuel investments and subsidies.

A series of implementation guides aligning with these actions have been written for cities and can be found on the Knowledge Hub at Spotlight On: A Green and Just Recovery.