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Between 2021 and 2050, average summer temperatures in Athens are expected to increase by 2ºC

The City of Athens came to the City Solutions Platform (CSP) looking for climate solutions which will reduce the urban temperature and mitigate urban heat island effect within the city.  To achieve this, Athens would like to utilize existing municipal buildings e.g. schools and abandoned building lots, to transform them into green spaces to improve the city's microclimate. This project is in line with the objectives of Athens' Climate Action Plan and Resilience Strategy, which both aim to improve the municipality's capacity to respond to climate change risk and create more liveable neighbourhoods.


The C40 CSP workshop has activated the City of Athens' plans to launch a series of pilot projects to adapt to rising temperatures.

The workshop, held in September 2018 and convened by C40 and CLEAN working together with the City of Athens' Office for Resilience and Sustainability, brought more than 60 local and international experts together for 2 intense days of co-creation activities. Participants included representatives of Ramboll, Arup, Dell, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Bloomberg Associates, the Athens Partnership, and WWF Greece, among others. Consequently, 6 pitches were delivered by 6 diverse groups, comprising concepts such as renewable energy sails that provide shade, more green spaces and technological cooling solutions.

The C40 CSP programme is a major shift in the way the City of Athens, local and international businesses, citizens, academia, and other actors are working together to solve climate change. The first pilot schemes will be launched in the coming months. Click here to see a summary video of the workshop. 

Athens is looking to:


1. Listen to the webinar which took place on Thursday 26th July 2018.

2.  The registered companies who matched the evaluation criteria were invited to a workshop, hosted by the City on 25th - 26th September 2018. The workshop consisted of 2 days of co-creation activities; watch the summary workshop video.

3.  If the solutions meet the City's needs, solution providers will get the opportunity to receive continued support by the CSP, including direct updates on the process.

4.  Successful solutions will be shared across C40's network of 90+ cities, and beyond. 

The CSP looks for local and global solution providers who:

  • Understand the complexity of sustainable urban development and who will support the future-proofing of cities through innovative climate solutions
  • Embrace open standards of communication and collaborate/co-create with other solution providers on the CSP
  • Can collaborate with the CSP team to deliver an outcome that can be implemented within the City and scaled across the C40 network
  • Will help to assess the social, environmental and economic benefits of any climate solutions developed.

Please view the terms and conditions of participation in the City Solutions Platform.