The Cities Awards recognises cities that have implemented outstanding projects, programmes, policies and practices to combat climate change and reduce climate risks in the fields of 5 categories:

The Cities4Energy category features excellence in building energy efficiency and clean energy.

The Award showcases projects that seek to reduce energy consumption and promote renewable energy supply at both city-wide and building scales.

Projects could be reducing the energy consumption of new or existing buildings, deploying district heating systems, incentivising the uptake of renewable energy technologies or introducing clean energy procurement.

The Cities4Mobility category features excellence in sustainable transportation.  

The Award showcases ambitious public transportation and/or walking and cycling initiatives that prioritise people over cars and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, traffic congestion, and air pollution.

Projects could include ambitious electrical vehicles programs, transit-oriented development schemes, or comprehensive and integrated mobility strategies that make the future of urban transportation greener and more enjoyable.

The Cities4ZeroWaste category features excellence in reducing waste.

The Award showcases plans and projects helping cities reduce residual waste generation and better manage material resources while cutting or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and providing co-benefits such as reduced air and soil pollution, improved resource efficiency, social equity and economic growth.

Projects can include avoiding materials from entering into the waste stream, diverting organics from landfill disposal, waste reduction initiatives, improved source segregation, community engagement and food waste avoidance.  

The Cities4Action category features the most ambitious city-wide action plans. 

The Award showcases comprehensive and far-reaching commitments, plans and actions taken by cities to lower their GHG emissions, to reduce CO2 emissions and pursue long-term integrated social, economic, and environmental agendas. 

This category would include comprehensive and strategic climate action plans and city-wide carbon inventories, and will be open to all cities who are committed to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. 

The Cities4Tomorrow category features the most ambitious adaptation plans and programmes. 

The Award showcases adaptation plans, risk assessments, and programmes that can make cities more resilient and adaptable to future climate change impacts.

Programmes and plans could include infrastructure or land use developments that respond to extreme weather, sea level rise, drought and increased temperatures, while at the same time contributing to a prosperous, liveable and attractive city for all citizens. 


More information can be found on the Application Guide along with further details on the eligibility criteria and assessment process. 

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