Assessment Criteria & Selection Process


Selection Process

All applications will be considered for three tiers of recognition. The selection of applications for all three tiers will be done using the same Assessment Criteria, detailed in full below. The tiers of recognition are:


The first stage of selection will determine the projects to be featured in Cities100. The assessment is done by a Selection Committee of urban analysts at C40 and Sustainia. The projects selected for feature in Cities100 will be notified in September 2016.

C40 Cities Awards Finalists 

From the projects in the Cities100, a Selection Committee of urban professionals at C40 will review and evaluate the applications a second time. There will be 3 Finalists per category defined, which will be announced in September 2016.

C40 Cities Awards Winners

From the list of Finalists, an independent Jury Panel will then evaluate each submission to select the Winners in each category who will be announced on 1 December at the C40 Cities Awards Ceremony. Details of the Jury members will be available in October 2016.

Assessment Criteria

Each application is evaluated by a Selection Committee, consisting of C40 and Sustainia urban analysts. C40 Cities Awards Finalists are, additionally, evaluated by an independent July Panel in order to select the Winners. All assessments are done using the following criteria. Further details on how criteria are assessed can be found below:

Climate action. The expected or achieved CO2 reduction and/or climate risk mitigation of the project.

Co-benefits. The extent to which the project has positive co-benefits for other aspects of society, in addition to its climate change mitigation and CO2 reductions.

Innovation. The extent to which the project takes an entirely new or ground-breaking approach to address major environmental issues (that has not been applied similarly elsewhere).

Governance. How well the project is incorporated into larger city plans, collaborates with other entities in the city, and engages citizens in the project’s development and implementation.

Sharing and scaling. The extent to which the project experience is shared with other cities and regions and the future potential to scale the project within the city. 

Detailed description of each criterion and how they are weighted during the evaluation process is stated in the Application Guide.

For further information on the C40 Cities Awards, contact: awards at c40 dot org