Deadline 2020 – How Cities Will Meet the Paris Agreement

Deadline 2020 is the first significant routemap for achieving the Paris Agreement, outlining the pace, scale and prioritization of action needed by C40 member cities over the next 5 years and beyond.

This report has been delivered through a collaborative partnership between C40 and Arup, the global consultancy firm.

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C40 would like to raise attention to a minor mistake in the Deadline 2020 Report.
We would like to assure our partners that the core recommendations and findings of the work remain entirely valid, and the impact of the mistake is marginal over the first 10-15 years of projections, which is the focal point for this work. We therefore continue to encourage cities, partners and all urban stakeholders to make good use of the work, with the following safety warning in mind. The identified issue is around the GDP growth projections that the analysis was based on. This has led to an over-estimation of the "business as usual" emissions trajectories in the report, as well as the long-term absolute savings figures. We therefore caution that these specific numbers should not be referenced directly. However, the analysis remains useful for its main intended purpose, which is outlining the urgency with which action is needed, and guiding urban policy makers on the level of ambition and key priority areas for climate action in the short term. C40 will rectify these numbers in due course, and we are excited to be able to say that a follow up piece of research is underway. Through this work many of the Deadline 2020 numbers will be updated, and a whole raft of methodological enhancements made to further refine their accuracy. This work will be published in 2019. We would also like to re-assure city partners that this issue has not impacted on any C40 climate action planning work undertaken subsequent to the release of Deadline 2020, which has relied on more bespoke emissions baselines.

Thank you and if there are any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us.