Juana Martínez Macedo

• Master’s Degree in Sustainability Sciences from UNAM with a specialty in Environmental Restoration. 
•  She participated in the development of the treatment system for the Ecoducto Project and Parque Hídrico La Quebradora in Mexico City. 

Project: Favelas in Iztapalapa: an opportunity to understand their formation and lifestyle in order to stop the urban sprawl. 
Objective: Understand the adaptive capacities that have developed in the favelas of this neighborhood regarding the supply and use of drinking water, as well as generating a replicable methodology for different points of CDMX, and proposing a series of actions for the containment of urban sprawl, derived from the analysis of the factors described above.

Motivation: “Since I was a child I have been concerned about environmental issues, the care of the air and water, but I also saw the poverty of people, I saw how they built houses in an area that was primary vegetation and the problems associated with living in an irregular settlement. I studied an engineering that allowed me to understand the processes linked to environmental deterioration and then a postgraduate course in which social, economic and environmental problems are combined. Now much more aware that environmental deterioration is intimately linked to the development of society, and that we need the health of ecosystems to maintain well-being in people, I am convinced that the conservation of ecosystems will not be achieved if it is not poverty, inequality, violence that exists in marginalized areas. It is necessary to work on generating public policies that jointly promote environmental protection with social problems.”