Liliana Jaramillo

Liliana Jaramillo, born and raised in Quito. She is a biologist and studied a Masters in Environment at Melbourne University in Australia. During her studies she developed a research project for plant selection for green roofs in Quito. Since then, she returned to Ecuador and funded NATIVUS, which is a start-up that seeks to generate green infrastructure with native plants in Ecuador's capital, Quito. This project has been recognized by UN Young Champions of the Earth award and a local Challenge for Urban Entrepeneurship organized by Impaqto. Both awards are currently financing the initial research stages of the project. While starting this venture, she has created a teamwork formed by a landscape architect, an anthropologist and herself.

My motivation for developing this project has been the desire to generate solutions to the loss of species that we have been facing on the past decades. Integrating conservation to city solutions potentialize the benefits in several ways, generating a reconciliation between nature and society. I feel passionate about generating applied research for creating solutions. Being very lucky to be in biodiverse place, inspires me to keep going.

NATIVUS seeks to create availability, consultancy and implementation of native green spaces based on applied research. The development of greenery in the city brings several benefits, including the reduction of flooding risk and Urban Heat Island effect. It also acts as carbon sink improving the air conditions in the city. The use of native plants ensure the performance of green infrastructure and also generates conservation of flora and associated fauna in the city. The project seeks to invite citizens to take action in conservation, generating environmental education.