As C40’s Regional Director for Africa, Dorah leads C40’s work in the African region through cooperative engagements with city leaders and teams to accelerate the implementation of their climate change programmes.

Dorah is a sustainability enthusiast with over 26 years of experience in areas such as environmental sustainability, international diplomacy, government (local, regional and national) as well as industry associations.

She was the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the South African Paper and Packaging Producer Responsibility Organisations Alliance (PRO Alliance), tasked with conceptualising and implementing joint extended producer responsibility programmes with and on behalf of member PROs. Her other executive role was Chief Executive Officer of the Green Building Council of South Africa, where she led the green transformation of the built environment sector through numerous green building certification tools and programmes. She also served as the chairperson of the World Green Building Council’s Africa Regional Network, with a key role of coordinating, consolidating, and stimulating the development of Green Building Councils across the African Continent.

Dorah also held the position of Head of Sustainability at the City of Tshwane, where she conceptualised and implemented groundbreaking city sustainability programmes. Dorah’s tenure at the National Environment allowed her to develop and refine her environmental diplomacy skills through her leadership roles in the then United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development processes, which included the Rio+20 in 2012. Dorah is proud to have led the development of the environment sector green economy response programme, including the establishment of the national green fund.