Rachel Huxley is Director of Knowledge and Learning, responsible for C40’s knowledge management and research strategy. Rachel has been with C40 for over 3 years during which time she has developed and led a priority programme of research on the co-benefits of urban climate action, as well as contributing to research on the barriers to climate action, and undertaking city consultation for the current C40 strategy to 2020. Rachel is also undertaking a PhD on Sustainable Cities at the University of Leeds, her research is looking at the processes and practices of transition and decision making. Prior to this Rachel was Chief Executive of Peterborough Environment City Trust, leading the Trust’s work on sustainable behaviour change and engagement project delivery, as well as, working strategically with city partners to develop a sustainable city plan. As part of her work on sustainable cities Rachel established and led the Sustainable Cities Network, an informal network of leading UK cities to enable sharing of best practice and challenges.