Press Release: International Partnership to Accelerate Cleantech Activities in Denmark and New York City

September 22, 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark) – The Confederation of Danish Industry and State of Green are collaborating to form the Danish Cleantech Hub, a public-private partnership between Denmark and New York City that will accelerate solutions sharing between the two through a single point of entry for all cleantech activities.

“Copenhagen is committed to sharing our solutions and experiences within climate adaption, CO2 reduction and green business with other cities and learning from successful solutions developed elsewhere,” said Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen. “Copenhagen and New York have a shared focus on sustainable solutions, and to achieve economic growth while tackling climate change, it is critical that cities collaborate with one another.”

C40 Cities played an active role in connecting the city of New York with the Confederation of Danish Industry through the C40 Green Growth Network, an active working group designed to bring together cities who share the goal of generating sustainable growth and spurring innovation in the technologies that will make this type of growth a reality.

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