City Solutions Platform


Supporting early engagement between cities, the private sector, academic institutions, and other solution providers to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions.


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Leading cities around the world are searching for innovative solutions to the major climate challenges they face, ranging from adapting to the effects of climate change, to providing their citizens with low carbon energy, waste, water and mobility options. 


By providing cities and solution providers a program for working together on specific climate challenges at an earlier stage than usual, the City Solutions Platform (CSP) ensures that the actors reach a common understanding of the challenges in order to co-create solutions. The CSP works with cities to engage them in peer-to-peer activity with the private sector, academia and civil society. This enables solution providers to co-create innovative methodologies, technologies, and new business methods to solve cities' key climate challenges. 



Public-Private Sector Collaboration 

Public-private innovation is rapidly developing in many global economies and the objective of new and improved solutions for climate challenges is vital considering the urgent and ambitious target that cities face. 


C40 research shows that cities are looking to work collaboratively with the private sector and other stakeholders to identify innovative climate solutions. However, there is a lack of systemic approaches to cross-sectoral collaboration, causing one of the main barriers to harnessing these sectors' potential for swift innovation towards achieving international targets set out in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. 


When working together, the public and private sectors can drive the necessary innovation and financing for achieving these goals. This has been stressed by President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Petter Bakker, and Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Lise Kingo.


By enabling collaboration across sectors, C40’s City Solutions Platform empowers C40 member cities to co-create climate solutions  safely  and  effectively  with  different innovators  whilst  becoming  global thought leaders for innovation in climate solutions. 



Successful Business Engagement 

Well over 100 businesses have taken part in the CSP so far, with over 50 different solution providers attending the City of Athens CSP workshop, held in September 2018. These businesses include large global companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, BMW and Hitachi as well as local companies in each city, innovative start-ups and start-up accelerators and universities.  You can find out more about the solution provider role here.











Since the programme's inception in March 2016, C40 has formed a delivery partnership with CLEAN, Denmark's leading cleantech cluster, and has successfully delivered climate solutions through the CSP in the cities of Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle & Sydney. Together, C40 and CLEAN bring together a global network of solution providers and cities who are committed to driving the green transition.


City Solutions Platform Process

C40 has developed the CSP to help foster innovative and effective public-private collaboration. 


By facilitating a neutral space for climate solution collaboration, C40 can allow rapid creation and deployment of implementable climate solutions. The CSP methodology has been based on a three-step 'Innovation Model' which has been refined through a successful pilot programme in four cities. It demonstrates how cities and solution providers can successfully work together.



STEP 1: City Challenge Scoping

The City and C40 will analyse the proposed City challenge to scope and define it for the CSP process. The City project objectives will then be set.


STEP 2: City Solutions Platform Innovation Process

Webinar Activity: Webinar(s) will be held where the City will present their key climate challenge, contextualise the key challenge aspects, and state the criteria for success in any solution that may be provided. This will be presented to a range of interested solution providers.


Workshop Activity: Workshop(s) will be held in the City. The(se) workshop(s) will be the key face-to-face activity for the CSP Innovation Process and will initiate the co-creation of solutions and support the development of these solutions.


Solution Development and Online Collaboration: Stakeholders will be supported to continue collaborating on the solutions. The CSP will provide a neutral space for co-creation dialogue between solution providers and the City.


Route to implementation: Depending on the proposed solutions, a route to implementation of the City’s chosen solution(s) will be designed.


STEP 3: Knowledge Dissemination

Proposed solutions will be designed and potentially scaled across the C40 City Network and beyond. 



The main objective of the City Solutions Platform is to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions and support cities in adapting to climate change by facilitating early engagement between cities and solution providers. The City Solutions Platform aims to deliver the following:

  • A platform for different sectors to work together to develop innovative and implementable city solutions on the global stage;
  • An inventory of appropriate engagement models according to specific city contexts;
  • Opportunities for international visibility of the innovative climate solutions developed with the City Solutions Platform programme;
  • A shared understanding of the nature of the problems faced by cities, the means available to the city to solve them, and the potential for climate action;
  • Innovative best-practice solutions for megacities that can be scaled and replicated across the network of C40 cities;
  • A catalyst for a global network of stronger collaboration between cities and both global and local leading climate solution providers:
    • Foster innovation through ground breaking technologies, efficient business models, and innovative governance approaches for urban development;
    • Disseminate successful solutions and methodologies across the network of C40 Cities and beyond. 

City and Solution Provider role  

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City Solutions Platform Previous Success 

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