C40 Programmes

Priorities of the Chair

Cities around the world are committing to use data to tackle climate change. DataCity is a new initiative that brings together start-ups, city governments and businesses, to design data-based climate change solutions.



DataCity will convene City governments, corporates, startups and technical partners in one space to come up with data driven solutions to the biggest climate challenges. 

Through the process, these actors work together throughout a 9-month program to define persistent urban challenges and develop innovative solutions to build more sustainable and efficient cities, using data and technology. 

Challenges are co-defined by the City authority and key stakeholders in fields such as energy, solid waste management, logistics, urban planning, smart buildings and mobility and transportation. DataCity’s bottom-up approach to transform local issues into concrete challenges to solve is problem-oriented and user-centric, ensuring the relevance of the solutions developed and experimented with alongside startups.

Each DataCity challenge is multi-partner, allowing for cross expertise and datasets. The startup acceleration methodologies developed by NUMA and applied within the program allow for rapid prototyping of new technologies. 

City authorities play a major role throughout all phases of the program, and DataCity represents a fantastic opportunity to test innovative solutions in line with city concerns and priorities, leverage private data for the benefit of public good and work closely with the smart city ecosystem to solve pressing issues, foster economic development and support job creation.

Datacity C40 will Generate Hundreds of Solutions Impacting the Largest Cities 

The rollout of the DataCity program will foster the emergence of hundreds of innovative solutions aimed at strengthening and building sustainable cities. DataCity is impact-driven by design, and challenges are defined so as to lead to strong, scalable and sustainable impact. These are key criteria to ensure the viability of the developed solutions.

A Global Urban Innovation Platform 

By deploying DataCity, C40 and NUMA will promote international collaboration on effective solutions between cities. A global platform has been designed to collect and share key information, hypotheses and results from tested solutions, thereby allowing cities to showcase their urban responses, become drivers of local innovations, and continually learn from each other’s experimentations.

Business Model 

DataCity is financed by its corporate partners. Cities are not asked to provide any financial contribution, and can be involved in as many challenges in which they are interested. Cities’ contributions are via the nomination of a coordinator to engage with city agencies, involvement from city officers throughout the phases of the program, the provision of access to data and / or experimentation fields, and support for communication and events management. Startups receive a grant for each challenge and a potential deferred equity investment.