Ensuring that efforts to address climate change help create sustainable cities for all

Climate change is unfair—it was created by the privileged few, but will hit the many hardest and strongest. In addition, climate action is not always equitable and does not share its benefits fairly. Our response to climate change needs to be just and inclusive: if addressing climate change does not meet the needs of city residents, mayors will lose the permission to act.

Climate change is not solely an environmental issue, but is inextricably linked to challenges of eradicating poverty and increasing inclusiveness. Cities have the opportunity to raise living standards for all at a faster rate by following a low-carbon development path. There is also evidence that reducing inequality helps drive better environmental outcomes.

The Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) programme provides cities with a clear roadmap and support to plan, build consensus and deliver bold climate action that is equitable and beneficial for all.

ICA will help cities deliver policies that help create better job opportunities, higher living standards and improved public and environmental health for all.

Inspired and shaped by leading mayors and cutting-edge practices in C40 member cities, this progressive programme aims to help cities worldwide maximise reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and climate risk, while tackling economic inequality and social disparities and enabling greater knowledge sharing between cities. In addition, Mayors around the world are pledging to deliver inclusive climate action and community-led projects that benefit all citizens equitably. 

ICA provides hands-on support, collaborative trainings and assessments, best practice exchange, thought leadership guidance and innovative partnerships.

More specifically, the programme will:

Enhance thought leadership of mayors, showcasing existing practices and new commitments at global and regional flagship events.

Enhance best practice exchange between cities, using C40’s existing infrastructure of thematic initiatives and networks. Cities will be provided with a best practice guidebook on inclusive climate action and city officials will be able to attend webinars and workshops on inclusive climate action and exchange information online and offline.

Provide technical assistance to cities to develop and deliver ambitious climate action plans (CAPs) that are compatible with the Paris Agreement and that are inclusive and fair. Cities will have access to customized support, training and resources focused on stakeholder and citizen engagement, inclusivity and benefits assessment of CAPs, inclusive mitigation and adaptation actions.

Provide ground-breaking and innovative research on the links between climate change and inequality, wider benefits of climate action and inclusive climate action in cities.