Low-Carbon Districts Forum

The Low-Carbon Districts Forum (LCDF) creates a safe-space for participants to engage with cities, the private sector, regional government agencies, academic institutions, other global networks and relevant C40 programmes to innovate and co-deliver ambitious low-carbon, district-scale development projects, including Climate Positive Development projects.  

Cities are engines of growth and innovation, but cities are also major carbon emitters and vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The size and profile of urban renewal projects with a strong focus on low-carbon, district-scale development and integrated planning create unique challenges but also enormous opportunity to deliver solutions that can be scaled and replicated citywide. Cities often have significant authority over district-scale development, both for new build and regeneration projects within their urban renewal portfolios. The Low-Carbon Districts Forum helps to connect cities with a variety of stakeholders to create new models for development that are both economically viable and environmentally sustainable to achieve the best possible low-carbon results.

Topics and work-streams within the Low-Carbon Districts Forum

Advancing the delivery of district-scale low-carbon development projects - 

sharing best practices and supporting the delivery of district-scale development projects with high sustainability ambitions

Quantifying the carbon reduction impacts and associated co-benefits of low-carbon development  -

identifying tools and methodologies to measure impacts and community co-benefits of low carbon development

Relationship-building and strengthening partnerships between all engaged stakeholders  -

developing strategies to advance ambitious public-private sector developments and engage the community and stakeholders to deliver low-carbon results

Building and developing the political and business case to support ambitious low-carbon development targets  -

helping advance support through cities, C40 actions and expert advice from the industry

Climate Positive Development  

sharing best practices to increase the number of Climate Positive Development projects and accelerate their ambition and delivery within C40 Cities and beyond


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