Raymond Johansen was elected to the City Council of Oslo in 2015 and appointed Governing Mayor after establishing a City Government Coalition composed of the Labour, Socialist Left and Green parties.

Johansen’s city government was elected on a red and green ticket. Its main priorities are meaningful jobs for all, social equity and the fight against climate change. Under his leadership, Oslo has adopted the most ambitious climate targets set by any capital in the world, followed up with a broad range of measures spanning from slashing emissions from construction to getting more people to ride their bikes, cemented climate action through instituting climate budgets as a part of the regular budget, and achieved broad international recognition for the city’s climate leadership.

Serving on the C40 Steering Committee, Governing Mayor Johansen has three main topics of interest. First, he sees green public procurement as a key tool for city leaders to shift markets. Second, he is working to accelerate transport electrification. Third, he will push for good green jobs, knowing that meaningful jobs for all are key to a just green shift.

In addition, the Governing Mayor will continue leading a global effort on supporting C40 cities to develop climate budgets and promote clean construction, areas he has been a driving force in C40 for several years.