What We Do For Cities

Sao Paulo, 2011: Mayors meet at the fourth biennial C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Mayors Summit to present groundbreaking projects they have implemented to combat climate change in their cities.
  1. Direct Assistance

    On-The-Ground Support To Cities

    C40’s regional structure has been built to respond dynamically to local priorities and collective opportunities, providing support to C40 Cities in each of the seven C40 global regions. Dedicated staff (Regional Directors) serve as an active conduit between regional C40 Cities, city staff and the organization, connecting cities and activities across the global C40 network.

    In some cities, the C40 City Director Program provides a dedicated staff resource to help cities advance significant climate protection policies and initiatives through increased local capacity. City Directors are deployed through a competitive bid process, prioritizing cities with the greatest demonstrated need and projects with the greatest potential for impact.

    Through our partnerships, C40 also provides expertise to cities to design and implement climate policies, programs and high-impact projects.

  2. Peer-to-Peer Exchange


    C40 provides a robust platform of networks for peer-to-peer exchange where groups of C40 Cities that share specific interests and challenges can come together to learn from each other and identify shared resource needs. By creating connections between peers from across city administrations, C40 is building a community of practice to identify solutions, share lessons learned, and provide assistance to policymakers to adapt approaches to local conditions. By reducing transaction costs for delivery on local commitments, C40 Networks allow future adopters to do so better, and faster.

    Face-To-Face And Virtual Events & Workshops

    C40 organises a biannual C40 Summit and works with participating cities to build a calendar of regular, topic-specific workshops and events and virtual learning that are driven by work happening on the ground.

  3. Research & Communications

    C40 provides a research and knowledge management service to its cities; and uses data from across the network to identify successes and challenges, and measure the progress of the organisation.

    C40 has a professional communications team in place that gives us the ability to champion the collective and individual action of C40 Cities by broadcasting our achievements at the highest levels.