Women4Climate Mentorship 2023

The C40 Women4Climate Freetown Mentorship Programme will match committed leaders from the business sector, international organisations, and community organisations with emerging women leaders.

The mentors will share their knowledge and experiences, supporting the mentees in becoming powerful leaders in their chosen fields including politics, non-profits, business, media, community groups and more.

The 2023 programme follows a first round of the Freetown Women4Climate Mentorship Programme, which took place in 2019.


Marketing Professional


Project name: Climate Impact Marketing and Communications

Bio: Shanice George is a passionate marketing professional and consultant in the renewable energy industry. She aspires to create a community of enthusiastic marketers who can promote energy substitutes for fossil fuels that will reduce the effects of global warming by limiting global greenhouse gas emissions.

Her Mentor

Shanice George is currently supported by the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme.

Geologist & Environmental Scientist


Project name: Food Security

Bio: Emma Bangura is a geologist and environmental scientist who is extremely passionate about food security. Her project will focus on adopting improved technologies and climate-smart agriculture to mitigate the rapidly worsening climate change and extreme weather events, which pose severe threats to farmers in Sierra Leone.

Her Mentor

Fatmata Binta Jalloh

Project Manager


Position: Project manager, Environmental Forum for Action (ENFORAC)

Bio: Fatmata Binta Jalloh holds a law degree and a passion for involvement in climate actions. Her commitment to fighting climate change stems from the recognition that its multitude of detrimental impacts are felt most by vulnerable communities, who contributed the least to causing the crisis.



Project name: Inclusive Climate Action through Environmental Education to Health Workers

Bio: Mariama M. Bangura is a medical doctor and public health enthusiast with a passion for sustainability. Her project aims to develop an educational programme on climate change and public health, with a specific focus on vulnerable communities.

Her Mentor

Mariama Mabinty Bangura is currently supported by the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme.



Project name: Sanitation

Bio: Fatmata Kabba is a nurse with personal experience of hunger and illnesses during childhood. Most of these illnesses were a result of the low level of sanitation in her community and others like it. Her project aims to improve the level of sanitation in deprived communities.

Her Mentor

Fatmata Alisha Kabba is currently supported by the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme.

Climage Educator


Project name: Climate Change Education for Sustainable Urban Planning

Bio: Marian J. Musa is a climate education activist. She believes that sustainable urban environmental planning is an important pathway towards the mitigation and alleviation of possible climate-induced threats and risks. Her project will aim to educate municipalities on local-level climate actions and engage stakeholders to build more resilient communities.

Her Mentor

Marian Juliana Musa is currently supported by the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme.



Project name: Sustainable Waste Management

Bio: Boi Beatrice Kenneh is a filmmaker, actress, climate advocate, and entrepreneur based in Freetown. She produced a climate change video titled ‘Deforestation’ and is currently working on a project targeted towards sustainable waste management practices.

Her Mentor

Boi Beatrice Kenneh is currently supported by the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme.

Climage Justice Advocate


Project name: Climate Justice Advocacy

Bio: Roseline Mansaray is a climate justice advocate based in the Waterloo Community. Her project addresses issues of conservation and afforestation in order to improve the living standards of people, especially women and children, in her community. She seeks to build resilience by using workshops to generate conversations around climate change.

Her Mentor

Cleopatra Warritay

Enviromental Advocate & Consultant


Position: Technical officer, Environmental Foundation for Africa

Bio: Cleopatra Warritay is a passionate environmental advocate, facilitator, mentor, and consultant. She worked out of the country for many years and, upon her return in 2010, the sight of floating plastics in a lagoon spurred her to contact the Environmental Foundation for Africa and moved her into climate action.

Renewable Energy Professional


Project name: Renewable Energy
Bio: Hasmia Bangura is a renewable energy enthusiast. Together with a team of other young women, she is committed to retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient; adopting renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and small hydro; helping citizens to develop sustainable transport; and promoting more sustainable uses of land.
Mentor: Mariama Whitmore