Our research on women and climate

“No climate justice without gender justice!” was a rallying call to action at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2007.

More than ten years later, this slogan underscores the urgent need to integrate a gender perspective and amplify women’s leadership in climate action.

Women4Climate’s research and resources aimed to illuminate and deepen our understanding of:

  • the interplay between gendered climate impacts in the city context
  • urban policy solutions that address gendered impacts
  • the critical role of women in urban climate action


Gender inclusive climate action in cities


This Women4Climate report, developed in partnership with the UCL-City Leadership Lab, the University of California and the Center Virchow-Villermé – La Sorbonne, provides city officials with high-quality data on the impact of climate breakdown in cities with an emphasis on gender-specific solutions.

In the Fulani village of Hore Mondji, located in southern Mauritania on the banks of the Senegal River, a women's cooperative uses solar energy to operate the borehole that supplies water to the market garden. A project piloted by UNICEF in partnership with local authorities.
© Raphael Pouget / Climate Visuals Countdown

City Case Studies