Women4Climate Mentorship Programme

Will my city participate in the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme?

To find out whether your city will participate in a Women4Climate Mentorship Programme, please follow our updates on Twitter and sign up to our newsletter via the Women4Climate website.

You can also find information about cities that participate in our programmes here

I would like to join the programme as a mentor and offer my time and expertise. How can I do so?

To become a mentor in your city, please send us an email with your name, title, CV, motivation letter and a short description as to why you would like to volunteer as a mentor.

How does the mentorship programme work?

In short, the Women4Climate Mentorship Programme is a peer-to-peer relationship between an experienced mentor and a mentee to enhance the mentees’ agency and autonomy in a chosen domain. The programme usually runs for ten months and enables mentees to become part of a global platform consisting of other climate heroines who are part of its network. The mentoring also enables mentees to connect to a powerful network of mayors, city officials, global change-makers and industry professionals. You can learn more about the mentorship programmes active in C40 cities here.

Are cities allowed to take part in other Women4Climate initiatives other than the Mentorship Programme ongoing cities?

Cities can part take in other initiatives of Women4Climate. Cities can join as implementing partners of the Tech Challenge or they can provide  be a part of our Knowledge Lab and provide valuable information on research pillars focused on the gendered impacts of climate change.

I am developing a project on climate change/emission reduction in cities. How can I share it with C40?

If you are a researcher, city practitioner, startupper or expert, and your work corresponds to the gender-specific impacts of climate change, please contact us here, indicating your name, title, and a brief (max. 250 words) summary of your project. We will get in touch as soon as we can.

Am I eligible for the mentorship programme?

Eligibility conditions for the Women4Climate mentorship programme:

  1. You are a woman – C40 uses an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female”. Trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as female or woman are welcome to apply.
  2. You are passionate about finding innovative and inclusive solutions to tackle climate breakdown in cities, and you run a project/initiative.

To check whether you are eligible to participate, please check here and see if your city is running a programme.

Applicants must be located in the city that hosts the initiative, so please make sure not to apply for a mentorship programme that is not in your city. 

Contact us

In case of queries or for more information, please contact the team at: women4climate@c40.org