Equipped with ecological toilets, solar street lamps and wind turbines, the ‘Low-Carbon Park’ situated in the Daliang Huang Ni Chuan Tiandi Software Park, relies completely on natural light, wind energy, rainwater, and is free from wires and air conditioners, with only a small portion of it being cemented.

What is the innovation? How does it work?

The sustainable design of the ‘Low-Carbon Park’ can be seen through several main features: Park roads are constituted of a thin layer of cement with coarse aggregates for asphalt to give the pavement have a honeycomb structure, allowing seepage during rainy days. All the reflective spikes, street lamps and flow stands on the road surface are equipped with solar photovoltaic panels, able to store energy for LED lighting at night. Also, dozens of electric bicycles across the park are made available for citizens free of charge. The only building in the park is the ‘Low-Carbon Experience Hall’, which is also equipped with a large number of low-carbon features. It has a green roof, where flowers and plants are grown, and a glass component allows for natural daylight inside the building. The wooden boards used in the interior are all composite boards fabricated from waste wood. Neither air conditioning nor regular heating have been installed in the building, while a solar hot water thermal heating system covers the heat demand during winter. The park’s drainage pipes are covered with stones and covered in an iron mesh, beautiful and environmentally friendly at the same time. In addition, both the rainwater recycling and garbage disposal systems are equipped with the latest internationally-recognised low-carbon technologies.

Next Steps

This project represents one of the 91 projects undertaken as part of the Dalian's '5-1' livelihood program, which aims to develop and transform an old urban area, build a new parking lot, renovate a trading market, build a new fitness center, and upgrade roads and streets in Dalian’s fourth district, the Dalian Development Area and the High-Tech Park. In 2018, Dalian added extra 15 key livelihood programs, including: completing the green landscaping of the Malan River Sports Park; launching the construction of Hainabaichuan International Sculpture Park; launching greening, beautification and ecological remediation projects around the rivers Chunliu and Zhoushui; and planting more trees along the sidewalks of the fifth district.

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Key Impact
The Low-Carbon Park makes use of the latest low-carbon technologies such as wind power, solar power generation and rain water recycling to provide a self-sustaining energy complex.
Officially opened in August 2012
Initial Investments
27 million Yuan (≈ USD 4.2 million)
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