1/3 of city residents in the Global South live in informal settlements
95 % of urban expansion will take place in the Global South2
90 % C40 cities will implement new or enhanced public green spaces in the next 5 years

About this sector

Urban planning decisions made today will have a major impact on the carbon emissions, resilience, and quality of life of tomorrow. Sustainable land use planning measures help cities avoid and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change, and promote spatial equity.  

Mayors are working together to build cities that are safer and greener for all city residents by creatively using their significant authority over urban planning regulation. This commitment to sustainable urban planning helps move cities away from the paradigm of auto-oriented sprawl and toward a model of compact, connected, and resilient communities with a better quality of life for all. 

C40’s Urban Planning team helps to share best practices, establish inclusive policies, and create healthy neighbourhoods across our network of cities. 

High-impact actions in this sector include:
  • Promoting development in transit-oriented locations, with an emphasis on affordable housing
  • Implementing “15-minute city” or “complete neighbourhood” policies that provide public amenities, essential shops, and a mix of economic activities within a short walk or bike ride of residents’ homes

Networks & Programmes

  1. UN Habitat, Streets as Public Spaces and Drivers of Urban Prosperity, 2013.
  2. UN Foundation, 2016.

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