Fadhil is part of the Breathe Cities Regional Team, which advises and supports the city of Jakarta in implementing Breathe Cities on the ground and delivering ambitious priority air quality actions to meet clean air goals.

Fadhil is deeply passionate about promoting cleaner and healthier urban air quality. He earned his Master of Science in Air Pollution Management and Control from the University of Birmingham, UK. Before joining C40, Fadhil worked at World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia as a Senior Air Quality Research Analyst, and he was involved in the USAID’s Clean Air Catalyst programme and WRI’s own Southeast Asia Air Quality Community of Practice Projects, as well as was responsible within science workstream as well as regional engagement. Before that, he also served as the Chief Representative Officer for Indonesia in the Asia Pacific Air Quality Group (APAQ Group), where he was assigned to analyse project leads, identify business opportunities, and provide technical consultation and support to clients, involved in various projects on Air Quality Monitoring Station devices, from US-EPA reference method to indicative low-cost sensor instruments.

Fadhil lives in Jakarta with his wife and two adorable children. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, playing badminton, and actively participating in scholarship alumni communities. On weekends, he cherishes spending quality time with family, either by taking walks or enjoying outings to the mall.