Transport for London (TfL – the transport authority for London) has developed a tool that rates the accessibility of locations across London to public transport, informing reduced parking standards in highly accessible areas. The Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) method assesses the level of walking distances to transport stops and stations, including measuring the level of transport service and wider connectivity.xxxvi PTAL is then used in development planning to set parking and density standards, with highly accessible areas to public transport afforded the lowest parking requirements and the highest densities.xxxvii


The PTAL scoring allows the Greater London Authority (GLA – the authority responsible for urban planning in London) to understand accessibility to public transport across the whole of London, and accordingly permit developers to reduce private vehicle provision at accessible locations. The PTAL score allows planners to identify TOD-appropriate areas and plan accordingly.

Reasons for success

PTAL is a citywide rating tool that is clear and transparent in its methodology. By making accessibility data available, PTAL enables planners to reduce minimum parking requirements in high-scoring areas close to public transport and plan appropriately for density.

When/ why a city might adopt an approach like this

Cities looking to reduce parking provision and increase developable space might use the PTAL methodology to identify areas highly accessible to public transport to inform parking provision standards. 

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Key Impact
Permits developers to reduce private vehicle provision at accessible locations.
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