C40, in collaboration with the City of Oslo, conducted a two-year pilot programme involving 12 cities across five global regions to introduce climate budgeting

From September 2021 to December 2022, the pilot aimed to assist cities in understanding, developing, and implementing climate budgets. Oslo, with its extensive experience in climate budgeting, led the initiative.

The pilot facilitated peer-to-peer learning, allowing cities to share experiences and tap into expertise from various organisations. Participants followed a structured course to build the knowledge and skills necessary for implementing climate budgeting, receiving guidance through webinars, workshops, and tailored support. Feedback from the pilot was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the universal applicability of climate budgeting principles, albeit with necessary adaptations to fit each city’s governance and budgeting processes and structure.

The pilot cities included Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Montréal, Mumbai, New York, Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Tshwane. Following the successful pilot, C40 is expanding the programme globally.

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