Project description

This pilot programme which ran over 2016, is one of the first solar retrofitting projects orchestrated by the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul, and the first time that a sports facility will generate renewable energy. This project has been beneficial both economically and environmentally, saving significant quantities of carbon dioxide and providing significant annual economic savings to the City, meaning that the programme can be cost neutral in less than 25 years.

What is the innovation/policy/project/technology? How does it work?

The project involved installing 650 unit-solar energy power systems onto the roof of the Hıdayet Turkoğlu Sports Complex, where the electricity produced by the solar panels will be directly consumed by the sports complex, thereby reducing the amount of electricity taken from the carbon intensive national grid.

What are the CO2 reduction goals/acheivements?

This pilot project is designed to be the first of many projects from the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, aimed at reducing the City of Istanbul’s CO2 emissions, reducing the risk of dangerous climate change and decreasing the vulnerability of the City’s infrastructure to acute and chronic shocks from climate impacts. This project will decarbonise around 10.33% of the electricity consumption of the Hıdayet Turkoğlu Sports Complex, saving approximately 105 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of planting 255 trees.

Next Steps

This will be the first of many projects looking to reduce carbon emissions of the City of Istanbul, and with the Metropolitan Municipality committed to produce its own renewable energy, these projects will continue to flourish. The municipality wishes to better design the City and buildings to ensure that in the future, they can produce their own energy. This pilot project has allowed the City to learn a number of lessons and helped to build the skills to be able to further invest in clean, green and renewable energy, scaling the ambitions City-wide.

Contact Details

Name: Sefer MeŞe

Position: Industrial Engineer

Email Address:

Phone Number: +90 212 449 93 62

  • Economic
  • Environmental
Emissions Reduction
105 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum
Initial Investments
A one-time cost of US$510,038 (US$1 equivalent to 3.58 Turkish lira)
Financial Savings
Over $23,000 per annum
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