Urban Efficiency II: Seven Innovative City Programmes for Existing Building Energy Efficiency builds on research in the successful predecessor “Urban Efficiency” Report and captures seven new detailed city case studies from C40 member cities. It is primarily targeted at city-level policy makers and decision makers across the world. The report increases the resource and evidence base available to support cities understanding of the characteristics and impact of innovative city programmes emerging across C40 cities, that advance operational energy efficiency and retrofitting in existing, privately owned buildings.

Seoul's Building Retrofit Program (BRP) Loan Support Scheme – Abstract

As part of its wider One Less Nuclear Power Plant policy, Seoul Metropolitan Government has formed an ambitious Building Retrofit Program (BRP) to spur retrofitting in government, commercial and residential buildings. This case focuses on the loan support scheme for this programme that targets building owners and tenants, and also, energy service companies and retrofitting contractors. This initiative promotes energy efficiency refurbishments by facilitating access to highly attractive, low interest rate loans with generous repayment and grace periods. In parallel, it lowers financial barriers to key building technologies such as high performance insulated windows and doors. 

The full case study for Building Retrofit Program Loan Scheme can be found here.

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Social
Key Impact
An energy use reduction in TOE of 10% in residential housing and 6.5% in the non-residential building sector
Emissions Reduction
25,841 tCO2 for the period 2012 to 2015, from 4200 projects
Initial Investments
KWR 22.5 billion
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