Based on the global trend of decarbonization, City of Yokohama is channeling efforts towards reduction of energy consumption through energy savings, and shifting towards renewable energy resources, under the ‘Zero Carbon Yokohama’ framework which targets zero carbon by 2050. 

With a target to create a Regional circular and ecological sphere, and a carbon neutral society by 2050, the partnership covers the following areas of cooperation: first, to introduce and expand usage of renewable energy resources; second, to revitalise regional and local enterprises through the promotion of decarbonisation; third, to collaborate on policy proposals to the national government related to renewable energy and measures against climate change.

The collaboration of 12 municipalities together with private sector energy consumers will create scale for expansion of renewable energy, and support crucial growth for the sector. The Yokohama Town Hibaritaira Wind Power Plant has capacity to generate 32 MW of wind energy, sufficient to power 15,000 households. 

What are the CO2 reduction goals/achievements?

Zero emission in electric sector by 2050. 

Next Steps

The partnership will result in a supply of 75 billion kwh of renewable energy, compared to Yokohama’s current annual energy consumption of 16 billion kwh 

Additionally, in anticipation of future developments of renewable energy in the city, Yokohama will continue to carry out detailed studies and test advanced measures aimed at decarbonization and the environment at-large.

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Key Impact
The creation of a collaborative platform for which to deliver advancements in renewable energy
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