Cities produce more than 75% of the world’s carbon emissions. It’s clear: what mayors and subnational leaders do is crucial for meeting local, national and global climate targets.

Mayors realise the scale of the challenge and are taking action to protect their communities and the environment. Cities are leading the way to a fossil-free future, putting people at the heart of the transition to safe and clean energy, and helping deliver 50 million good, green jobs:

  • many C40 cities are cutting per capita emissions faster than their respective nation-states; 
  • and the majority of C40 cities have a climate action plan in place that meets the Paris Agreement’s targets.

At COP28, city leaders will stand united in action to spur the climate ambitions of national governments. Subnational leaders bring invaluable knowledge in local implementation that can be incorporated into national and international climate policy design.

Mayors are ready and willing to work with national governments to set and implement climate targets, unlock resources, build capacity for implementation, and accelerate progress across key sectors, including buildings, transport, waste and water.

COP28 Events Calendar

Featuring mayors and key thought leaders, C40 events at COP28 will showcase cities’ expertise in impactful climate policy design and implementation, which can scaled and incorporated into national and international climate action.

2023 New York Climate Week -Mayor Eric Adams speaks at ‘Empowering All’ - press conference + media-Monday September 18th 2023.© Ahmed Gaber - C40
© Ahmed Gaber / C40

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