1. Introduction 

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group provides member cities with opportunities to engage in peer-to-peer sharing, collaboration, and agenda-setting. C40 hosts several types of events including: the C40 Mayors Summit; practitioner workshops, which are organised through C40’s Networks; and high-profile thought leadership meetings, and conferences, press conferences, regional gatherings and multilateral sessions and panels located at third party international events. 

This code of conduct is for all attendees, speakers and sponsors at events that are run and organised by C40. All participants, by attending a C40 event or participating in a C40 organised panel, are deemed to have agreed to the following code of conduct and will be part of the terms and conditions for participation at the event. C40 will enforce this code throughout its events and events related activities. We expect cooperation from all participants to ensure an enjoyable experience and a safe environment for everybody. 

This code of conduct applies to both in-person meetings and those organised online. 

2. C40’s Events Commitment and Expectations 

C40 is dedicated to hosting events which all participants can enjoy, free from harassment, regardless of age, gender, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief or lack thereof, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy, maternity and paternity, national origin, or any other protected characteristics. 

All C40 events are designed to be collaborative, engaging and open for all to contribute. C40 prides itself on hosting events at which everyone should feel welcome, safe and comfortable to share ideas and engage in open discussion without threat of intimidation or embarrassment. 

C40 expects all event participants to be respectful in person and online towards other delegates, speakers, organisers and staff, allowing all delegates to make the most of their participation. C40 expects participants to behave professionally, and be polite to others. 

3. Unacceptable Behaviour 

Unacceptable behaviours include (but are not limited to); discriminatory conduct, making offensive verbal comments, displaying unwanted physical attention towards others, destruction of property, lewd or offensive behaviour, possession and/or consumption of illegal substances, drunkenness, disturbing the peace and any other illegal activities. 

Participants are not to use sexual explicit language and imagery at C40 events, including talks, workshops, parties, and on online/social media. 

4. When Unacceptable Behaviour Takes Place 

Participants should contact a member of C40 staff immediately, if they are being subjected to unacceptable behaviour, or notice someone else being harassed, or have any other concerns.

C40 staff will provide support to participants and if necessary, contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide chaperons, or otherwise assist those experiencing such behaviour to feel safe for the duration of the event. 

Participant at a C40 event asked to stop any unacceptable behaviour are expected to comply immediately. Participants failing to stop when requested to do so may, at the discretion of C40, be expelled from the event and be barred from attending future C40 events. 

5. Investigating Unacceptable Behaviour 

C40 will investigate all reported unacceptable behaviours and where appropriate may report such behaviours to the employing organisation of participants as well as the appropriate regulatory bodies. 

6. Reporting Unacceptable Behaviour 

If you are unable to immediately report unacceptable behaviour at our events, you can do so after the event by writing to the Director of Corporate Services, C40 Cities Leadership Group, 3 Queen Victoria Street, 1st Floor, London, EC4N 4TQ or email HR@C40.org.