Our Commitment

At C40, we recognise that many underrepresented and marginalised groups often face barriers to participate in – and are inadequately represented in – climate discussions and events.

As a network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities, representing over 800 million people, we know the importance of working inclusively to deliver the urgent action needed right now to confront the climate crisis and create a future where everyone can thrive.

C40 is committed to organising inclusive events, and we will actively seek to ensure diverse representation on all panels and events that we organise or take part in. 

We aim to highlight and celebrate the key role that underrepresented and marginalised groups play in championing climate policies across C40 cities and beyond. 

C40 is committed to and will be governed by the following principles:

  • We commit to do everything in our power to ensure that our panels and events are as diverse and inclusive as possible by including speakers from underrepresented and marginalised groups from the earliest preparatory stages of our events and as part of our targeted outreach to potential speakers.
  • We commit, when organising international events, to balance representation from the Global North and Global South
  • We commit to never organise all-male panels and events, and we will aim for at least 50% of our speakers to be women and/or non-binary speakers. We aim to ensure that women and non-binary speakers participate as panellists and keynote speakers, not only as moderators and MCs for our events. We will not take part in all-male panels at events convened by other organisations.
  • We aim to encourage and influence other organisations to organise diverse and inclusive panels and events, and we commit to proposing diverse speakers to represent C40 in external panels and events. 
  • We commit to not take part in other organisations’ events that do not meet the criteria set out in C40’s Statement of Principles on diverse and inclusive panels and events.

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