Cities collaborating to address sea-level rise, coastal flooding and water management

By 2050, the majority of the world’s population will live in cities in or near deltas, estuaries or coastal zones. This trend will increase the risk of extreme climate change related events, and the vulnerability of delta cities is expected to increase in the decades to come.

The Connecting Delta Cities Network, led by the City of Rotterdam, brings together delta cities to address sea-level rise, discuss coastal flooding and water management issues and exchange knowledge and best practice to support cities in implementing solutions.

Focus areas:
  • Systematic adaptation
    Moving away from ad hoc adaptation to integrated, systematic and holistic adaptation
  • Sustainable urban drainage
    Establishing green infrastructure and surface drainage typologies and policies for delta cities 
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    Creating methods and standards for indicating the efficacy of adaptation actions
  • Cost-benefit and co-benefit assessment
    Making the economic and social cases for adaptation actions