Electrifying city fleets and supporting the transition to zero emission transportation

C40’s Zero Emission Vehicles Network works with cities that are pursuing the transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to zero-emission ones. The network serves as a platform for cities to share best practices and policies to reduce emissions by promoting the use of electric and other zero-emission vehicles. By bringing cities together, and convening and collaborating with key industry stakeholders, the network facilitates and accelerates the implementation of zero-emission vehicle strategies. Cities in the network have prioritised four focus areas around which they actively share policies and strategies with one another.

Focus areas:
  • Making the case for transitioning to EVs
    Supporting cities to build a strong case for electric vehicle adoption to align internal and external stakeholders, build political will and secure investments. Identifying and promoting effective communications efforts are also an essential element of “making the case”, particularly to be able to get residents’ buy-in, apply some pressure on car manufacturers and lobby at the state/regional, and federal/national levels.
  • Planning for EV charging infrastructure
    Supporting cities to understand the policy and financial implications of planning for EV charging and funding, as well as getting a deeper understanding of the energy grid impacts.
  • Increasing incentives for EV uptake
    Supporting cities to identify best practices on monetary and non-monetary incentives to drive the EV market up, mitigate backlash, and help cities aggregate individual incentives packages to send stronger signals to the car manufacturing industry.
  • Promoting the electrification of fleets
    Supporting cities to identify priority city fleets to convert to zero emission technology (buses, taxis, municipal and other vehicle types), in addition to exploring impacts of new fleet types.

Cities participating in the network: 
Amsterdam, Auckland, Austin, Copenhagen, Dar es Salaam, London, Los Angeles, Houston, Madrid, Mexico City, Nanjing, New York City, Oslo, Salvador, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Toronto and Warsaw.