What climate risks does the city of Venice face? What actions has Sydney undertaken to prepare for future heatwaves? What has Paris done to reduce its carbon footprint? The answers to these questions and more are now available in 10 In Focus City Reports that provide insight into how the world's leading cities are becoming more sustainable.

Developed by AECOM, the In Focus City Reports feature the 10 cities whose climate action reporting was of the highest quality as submitted to C40’s official reporting partner, CDP Cities, in 2014. Five of the selected cities are C40 members: Johannesburg, Paris, Sydney, Venice and Yokohama.

C40 offers its cities tools and support to enable them to measure and monitor local climate actions. With support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, CDP Cities provides a global platform for cities to publicly disclose key climate data – and we’re proud that more than 90 percent of C40 members reported through this platform in 2014.

The 2015 CDP Cities reporting cycle will kick off today. Participation will be more important than ever, allowing cities to show the collective impact of local climate action on the Road to Paris. 

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