A decade ago, C40 began as a gathering – organized by then-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone – of just 18 of the world’s largest cities hoping to cut global carbon emissions by sharing great ideas and working together.

Today, C40 is a powerful global network driving climate solutions throughout its 80+ megacities members, which together represent more than 600 million people and more than a quarter of the world’s GDP. C40 cities alone have already taken more than 9,000 climate actions and committed to reducing global emissions by more than 1 gigaton by 2020 – the equivalent of taking 200 million cars off the road.

As C40 continues to mark its ten-year anniversary, we are pleased to share a new “10 Years of Results” booklet.  We encourage you to read and share these highlights on what C40 has accomplished, as well as our vision for a bright, urban future.


To read the booklet, click here.

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