Today, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that the Department of Energy will pause approval of liquified natural gas exports as the agency reviews its process for determining if applications for these facilities are in the public interest.

Laura Jay, C40 North America Regional Director, released the following statement: 

“The devastating impacts of climate breakdown are here. Urban residents, and particularly frontline communities, are experiencing the harmful consequences of fossil fuel pollution, from extreme heat and storms to rising energy costs, every day. At COP28, C40 mayors called on national governments to rapidly phase out the use of fossil fuels. In the final agreement, countries agreed to ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels. Today’s action gives life to that promise. 

The decision by the Biden Administration today to pause new LNG export facilities is a welcome and necessary recognition of the urgent need to protect the health, safety, and economic well-being of our communities by shifting to a clean energy future. It is a critical step in the global phase-out of fossil fuels and will accelerate the clean energy market both in the United States and around the world. 

Cities are leaders and innovators in creating a greener future. Mayors are investing to cut pollution, generate clean energy, create good green jobs, and improve quality of life for local residents. The Biden Administration’s support, from critical federal funding to today’s decision, allows cities to move forward advancing their climate plans. 

The climate crisis is the challenge of our time. Today’s pause on fossil fuel expansion sends a strong signal to the world that the United States is working to ensure a livable world for generations to come.” 

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