Laura Jay, Regional Director for North America at C40 Cities:

Across the United States, mayors are showing the transformative impact and potential of the Inflation Reduction Act. One year since the bill was passed, cities are stepping up and using the historic funding opportunities to implement projects that create good, green jobs, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and create healthier, safer, greener cities for all. 

“Cities are uniquely positioned to lead on climate action and implement the opportunities created by the Inflation Reduction Act. Already, we’re seeing cities drive the development of a green workforce by taking ambitious steps to accelerate climate action – from building greener infrastructure to creating more people-centred cities – all while creating well-paid, accessible jobs. Phoenix and New Orleans are using the Act’s funding to bolster resilience efforts like creating cooler streets and building flooding resilience infrastructure, while Seattle, Chicago and New York City are taking bold steps to reduce emissions from buildings. 

“We must act now to address the climate crisis, and cities are leading the charge toward a greener future. The Inflation Reduction Act is a critical step for the United States to meet our shared obligation to get the world off fossil fuels. We must continue to work together to implement the bill to its fullest potential, and ensure we create a just, safe, and liveable future for everyone.”

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