A statement by the Mayors of New York City, Montréal, Toronto, Washington DC and Philadelphia

“As Mayors of impacted cities, we are deeply concerned about the current air quality crisis in east coast US and Canadian cities, caused by the devastating wildfires in Canada. As we work to respond to the immediate health concerns in our communities, this alarming episode serves as a stark reminder of the harmful impacts that the climate crisis is having on cities around the world.

“Climate change is making many regions hotter and drier, causing longer and more intense wildfires like the ones we are witnessing today. These are not only endangering lives and displacing communities, but are also significantly affecting the health of residents, especially those at higher risks, including children, the elderly, and those with existing health concerns.

“Air pollution is a global issue that already contributes to millions of deaths, hospitalizations, and missed work days each year in cities across the globe. It is crucial for governments, at all levels, to prioritize the climate crisis. Without urgent action, episodes seen this week will become increasingly common, impacting the lives of our friends, families and communities.

“Our mission is clear: Without drastically reducing fossil fuel use in order to at least halve our emissions by 2030 we will likely be condemning ourselves to a future filled with weeks like these in cities across the world. Achieving this goal will take all hands on deck. We stand ready to address this climate and health emergency and call on all governments, companies, and residents to act with us.”

Supported by:

Mayor Eric Adams, New York City
Mayor Valérie Plante, Montréal
Interim Mayor Jennifer McKelvie, Toronto
Mayor Muriel Bowser, Washington DC
Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia

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