Each year the Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency (CATEE) Conference recognises individuals, and organisations that have demonstrated outstanding and unique contributions to clean air in Texas. Nominations are invited from the public to celebrate leading efforts that contributed to improving the impact of buildings and development on cleaner air and environmental quality for Texas and especially its urban regions. 

C40’s Brian Yeoman, City Advisor to Houston, has been awarded the CATEE Gregg Cooke Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership.

“This was a totally humbling experience to be honored for a lifetime achievement award in sustainability and energy efficiency.  Gregg Cooke was a legend in Texas at the State Natural Resources and Conservation Commission and later at the Region 6 EPA office.  To be placed in the same sentence as Gregg made a great impression on me. I have been so fortunate to work with so many outstanding individuals who have contributed so much for the betterment of the planet that I could not begin to thank them all but they all know that I am a huge believer that we are all capable of doing great things.”

The CATEE awards honour remarkable individuals and organizations whose outstanding efforts are “making Texas better every day.” The award was presented at the CATEE 2015 Conference on December 3rd in Galveston, Texas. 

Brian Yeoman, center, recieves the Gregg Cooke Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership at the CATEE Conference 2015 held on December 3rd

Brian serves as the C40 City Adviser to Houston. He works with the city’s political and administrative leadership to establish priorities for developing and implementing programmes that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and that promote the use of clean energy. Brian has been the recipient of numerous awards for his efforts in the realm of sustainability, including the 2006 Citizen’s Environmental Coalition (CEC) President’s Synergy Award. 

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