Building energy use is a leading contributor to urban – and global — greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and therefore represents one of the greatest opportunities for cities to tackle climate change. The longstanding partnership between the C40 and the World/US Green Building Councils has focused on helping cities seize these very opportunities to realize efficiencies in building energy and water resource use, delivering results in carbon reductions and climate resilience. 

A compendium report released today by C40 and the US Green Building Council (USGBC), Green Building City Market Briefs, showcases the work of 66 C40 cities across the globe on sustainability, building energy use and climate change policy.

“The findings within these briefs indicate that cities are making impressive investments to create more resilient and sustainable built environments, as well as impact the health and wellbeing of their citizens,” said Roger Platt, president of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Many mayors are forging the path toward a more sustainable future, and cities are the lifeblood of policy innovation. The collective impacts and outcomes showcased across these briefs show thoughtful leadership and innovation.”

The report highlights solutions and key trends that can be shared and implemented more broadly by cities around the world. The kind of knowledge sharing and cooperation among cities that this report engenders is at the heart of the solution to climate change. Through local action, we are truly making a global impact.

To read the report, click here.

To read the press release about this announcement, click here.

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