Discussion focused on cities’ leadership in setting climate ambition, accelerating climate action and enhancing city level collaboration to build momentum for international climate efforts.

A group of 16 mayors and senior level city leaders from major cities across 10 countries met today with China Special Envoy for Climate Change, XIE Zhenhua.

The virtual meeting, convened by C40 Cities and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), provided an opportunity for mayors to engage in conversation with China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change. The talks aimed to increase understanding of China’s efforts to deliver its climate commitments at the national and city levels and discuss how cities around the world can set the example for climate leadership and ambition, thereby building momentum towards a net-zero, resilient, and inclusive future.

As representatives from C40 Chinese cities, the Mayor of  Fuzhou, Executive Vice Mayor of Dlian and Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen introduced their latest climate policy priorities in the context of China’s new climate commitments. Mayors shared cities’ latest climate targets and efforts and the bold steps they are planning to deliver for a green and inclusive recovery. They also discussed the mutual opportunities and challenges they are facing in addressing the climate crisis and delivering a green and inclusive recovery, and how to enhance city level international collaboration in the delivery of climate commitments to build momentum in the run up to COP26.

Special Envoy Minister XIE Zhenhua said: “Climate change has become a real and urgent crisis threatening the survival and development of all mankind,  more positive and vigorous actions are required. Although each city is in different stages of development with varying capacities and scales of urban construction, cities are actively taking actions to deal with climate change.

“Countries have different national conditions, development stages and capabilities in terms of green economic recovery as in the post pandemic and public health crisis era. However, it is imperative for us to adhere to the multilateral mechanism and the international cooperation on climate change for green and low-carbon sustainable development.

“I hope C40 mayors continue to lead pragmatic dialogues, exchanges and cooperation in these areas, and make contributions to exploring greener, healthier, more diversified and more inclusive solutions to the global climate crisis and green recovery.”

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