For this week’s Awards spotlight, we’re focusing on the #Cities4Action finalists that prioritize sustainability and climate action in the long term. 

Fort Collins

The Fort Collins Climate Action Plan aims to reach complete carbon neutrality by 2050, already delivering per capita emissions reductions of 25% by 2015 along with a 60% rate of waste diversion. 



Oslo's Climate Action Plan aims to reduce emissions by 95% by 2030 and has developed a unique climate budget which accounts for every single unit of CO2 emitted by the city. 

San Diego

San Diego's Climate Action Plan has been championed by a republican mayor and unanimously approved by a democratic city council, and commits to reaching 100% renewable energy and a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2035 in a uniquely legally-binding document. 

Mexico City


Mexico City's Climate Action Program has already delivered on 65% of the city's 2018 goals and has begun work on all but 5% of the cumulative actions outlined by the plan. 

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