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Copenhagen, Denmark (14 March 2019) — 20 Danish municipalities now have the opportunity to update or develop ambitious climate action plans with the help of the world's leading cities network – C40. Supported by Realdania, the project DK2020, is designed to boost the implementation of the Paris Agreement in Denmark sharing best practices and resources between cities and municipalities.

Realdania is seeking a total of 20 Danish municipalities, which will receive support on climate planning that meet the most ambitious objective of the Paris Agreement – to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels.

The DK2020 project is inspired by the C40 Cities Deadline 2020 project, which sets a global framework for how cities and municipalities can contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. C40 is working closely with its member cities around the world to develop climate plans that deliver on the highest ambition of the Paris Agreement

Danish Municipalities Lead the Way

With DK2020, 20 Danish municipalities now have the opportunity to have their plans acknowledged along with of the most climate-ambitious cities in the world. Through the project, the municipalities will receive technical assistance from global and Danish experts at C40 and the green think tank CONCITO. This support will be used to develop, update or adapt existing climate work in the municipality, so that it meets C40's global framework. Part of the support will be peer-learning, where the selected municipalities will have the opportunity to exchange solutions and experiences with other participating municipalities.

Once developed, the climate plans will set out clear pathways to how the municipalities can become carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest and set ambitious short- and medium-term emission reduction goals. The plans will also support citizens and municipalities to prepare for the consequences of climate change, for example by minimizing the risk of climate-related floods.


Jesper Nygård, CEO of Realdania.:

"The climate challenge is one of the greatest societal problems we currently have, and it is vital that the whole world stands together and acts now. Our experience is that the best solutions are achieved jointly and cooperatively. With DK2020, Danish municipalities have the opportunity to be at the forefront and collaborate, save and be inspired by the world's leading cities in the climate area. DK2020 is to get the best climate solutions from the rest of the world widespread in Denmark, and the best Danish solutions for both the rest of Denmark and the rest of the world."


DK2020 begins in May 2019 and runs until April 2020. The goal is for the 20 selected municipalities to have Deadline2020-compatabile climate plan in place by the end of 2020.


Connie Hedegaard, chairman, CONCITO

“Now is the time for all Danish municipalities: Sign up for the DK2020 project and join the world's leading climate cities, which show the way to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement locally. At CONCITO, we look forward to working with C40 and Realdania to help the most ambitious Danish climate municipalities in the process."


Mark Watts, Executive Director, C40:

"To achieve the most ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement and keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 ° C, as science says is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change, immediate action is needed from municipalities and cities, thanks to Realdania's generous support makes Danish municipalities now able to become part of a global movement that works to create fundamental changes.We look forward to sharing the C40's standard for climate planning with Danish municipalities and supporting mayors and local leaders across the country with creating sustainable and healthy communities. ”

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