Fortaleza has become the newest member of C40 Cities, joining nearly 100 cities worldwide in the pursuit of accelerating climate-resilient and sustainable development.

C40’s Steering Committee approved Fortaleza’s membership application on March 18th. The city is the thirteenth in Latin America and fifth in Brazil to join C40, following São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Salvador.

Fortaleza, a UNESCO World Heritage City, is the fifth largest city in Brazil with an estimated population of 2,643,247. It is an important industrial and commercial centre of the country. The city has a strong focus on addressing the ongoing climate crisis through its urban planning policies, which are aligned with its climate action plan.

The city has been recognised globally for its efforts to promote active mobility, increase green spaces, incorporate flood adaptation criteria into urbanisation and housing projects, and promote the use of renewable energy in public buildings, among other initiatives.

Fortaleza has committed to developing a climate action plan aligned with limiting global heating to 1.5°C and the C40 Climate Action Planning Framework that balances mitigation and adaptation, unlocks economic opportunities and improves the lives of its residents.

C40 will work with the city to facilitate the delivery and mainstreaming of climate action, and share lessons learned with city officials around the world.

José Sarto, Mayor of Fortaleza, said: “Fortaleza takes another significant step in its commitment to addressing the climate crisis. We have already been making efforts to advance Fortaleza’s tree planting plan, to improve solid waste management, to increasingly promote bicycle use, to stimulate a more just and sustainable economy, to monitor air quality, and also to conceive and implement new policies. This is about safeguarding the quality of life of the population and promoting social inclusion. Integrating this global network of cities will strengthen our actions toward this goal, engaging various areas of management under the leadership of Iplanfor (Fortaleza Planning Institute).”

Ilan Cuperstein, C40 Regional Director for Latin America, said: “Fortaleza has been making progress in tackling climate change by integrating climate action into their agenda. The city has prioritised adaptation in vulnerable areas to combat major climate impacts such as floods and rising sea levels, while also taking leading actions in active mobility and renewable energy, among other mitigation strategies. C40 is eager to support Mayor Sarto and his team in increasing their climate ambitions and implementing actions that improve the quality of life for the people of Fortaleza.”

Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40 Cities, said: “I would like to extend a warm welcome to Fortaleza to C40. Fortaleza is a leader in active mobility, renewable energy, green space, and nature-based solutions, and we are excited to work with the city’s people and leaders to learn more about and further accelerate climate action.”

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