The good news is there has already been pioneering investment in this area. Already more than 250 energy-efficient buildings and structures – covering an area of over 1.5 million square metres – are in operation in Moscow. Over 120,000 people are now living and working in these energy-efficient buildings.

Business centres make up the largest share of our new energy-efficient buildings, followed by retail, warehouse and industrial real estate. They are powered by a combination of heating pump units, solar panels and collectors, as well as recuperators for ventilation emissions and effluents.

To encourage innovation in this area, in 2020 Moscow’s city government introduced an award scheme in the field of environmental protections. Winning second place in the Best Implemented Project Using Environmentally Friendly And Energy Saving Technologies category was a group who had developed solar panel equipment to power a hotel. Thanks to their invention, almost 70% of the hotel’s energy was generated by solar power.

The development of energy-efficient buildings in Moscow increases the level of resource conservation from between 20-45%, compared to buildings which have not adopted these innovative technologies. That translates to up to 90% savings in heat energy and power.

In Moscow, the prospects for the development of green building are obvious. It is impossible to imagine the development of a modern metropolis without investing in green technology. It offers great prospects both for the development of innovations and environmental technologies in the city – and for ensuring a resilient and sustainable future for its residents.

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